Improvisation is all about being here and now, creating a story with others, being mindful


There is no quest for perfection and failure doesn’t exist. It helps you to build a strong self-confidence which will be there in every aspect of your life.


You will learn how to listen and help each other.

This creates a great team spirit and it feels great to know you can rely on others and be safe.


But above all, improvising is fun! You don’t need to learn lines and what you actually do is play! You will discover the richness of your own creativity.


In our classes you will learn how to use your body and your voice, without even realising you're being taught!


  • What makes a good character?
  • What can I do with the information my fellow improviser is giving me?
  • What is the best pace depending on the kind of story we’re creating?


Who is improvisation for?


Everyone really, kids, teenagers, adults. Most people (adults mainly) think they are not creative or funny enough to dare doing it. It doesn’t take long to see it is not the case. You will learn how not to be so judgemental and connect with your inner child. This creativity is there, in you!


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